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"Linen makes you cool!"

Thank you for your interest in Natural Collection Corp. As our company and its name continue to grow, we are pleased to respond to the heightened demand for details regarding our structure, our history, and intended direction for those interested in becoming partners.

Founded in 1988, Ital Mode Studios Corp. made room in its market as a missy line. This line continues to be sold under its original domestic label specializing in Polyester goods such as pebble georgette, high multi chiffon, and many more.

In 1999, we announced Natural Collection Corp. as our label for imported goods specializing in linen, ramie, rayon, cotton, silk and various blends. Label is available in men's and women's lines.

Our brand, which includes Lino USA, Mojito Collection, Vantarsi, Lino Sport, and Lino USA Curve, has been established throughout the U.S. and The Caribbean. We currently cater to major retailers and private labels including Mariene, Ashley Stewart, (known as Urban Brands), Atlantis Trading, Price Breakers, and many independent retailers throughout the country.

Our newest line, Lino USA exposes our products to new demographics. With a children's line in production, and new styles and sizes that appeal to America's ever-changing taste, Lino USA is off to a better-then-anticipated start.

By now, we have learned to be agile in responding to America's evolving demand for new and exciting apparel. But some things never change. Buyers' standards for quality and service have been and always will be high and we will remain committed to meeting this demand as well.


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